Algebra Strategies?

Mathematics is a challenge to many while natural for others. As students progress to algebra integers and variables are introduced. These concepts are important to your student’s future academic success, and they are tested on the PSSA, PSAT, SAT etc.

While Algebra can be frustrating, with the help of a tutor Algebra can be interesting.

Edu Prime can help with locating a tutor who can make it less frustrating.

Incase math has been a source of frustration, then it is likely that they have a few achievement gaps. We can use the available tools to conduct a diagnosis and determine the gaps and how to mitigate them.

A tutor can then be assigned to the student who will then create a curriculum that centers around the gaps. Time will be assigned in those concepts that the student to struggle with them most, and continuous assessments will be conducted to determine the level of confidence and proficiency.

The tutor and the student can work together to identify the best learning methods that resonate with the student the best.

Edu Prime Better Score Guarantee

For test prep and some graduate school admissions. For those who have already taken an exam and received and official score, Edu Prime tutoring guarantees you half the money back in tutoring hours.