Prep for the SAT and ACT

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Our SAT and ACT bootcamp focuses on prepping our students to take the official SAT and ACT exam content and to fully prepare students for either test in just one week. 

These classes are perfect for rising Juniors looking to take their first tests or rising Seniors who want additional scores for their upcoming college applications.

In a week student will be able to.

  • Through a virtual classroom experience practice and review critical problems.
  • Take a practice test under real conditions.
  • Pre-diagnostic to identify gaps and post-diagnostic whose data can be used to make determinations on gaps closed, or gaps receding.
  • Gauge the readiness of the student.

A week-long Bootcamp will include.

  • 20 hours of instruction, diagnostic tests and practice tests under real condition
  • An actual practice test with detailed score reports
  • 3-month access to self-paced assessment tool.

NB: Online sessions are limited to a minimum of five students per class, and a maximum of 10 students.

Why Edu Prime

  • Leaders in Educational Programming pre-approved providers of ACT 48 credits
  • Our Vision of – Establishing Equity in Education is a driving force towards ensuring measurable goals are achieved through closing academic achievement gap.
  • Personal and focused interventions making sure that we reach each and every child
  • Our knowledge of the college admission process helps students get into the colleges of their dreams maximizing on scholarship opportunities available.
SAT Administration Dates 2021 ACT Administration Dates 2021
August 28th
June 12th
October 2nd
July 17th
November 6th
September 11th
December 4th
October 23rd
December 11th
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AM session   (8 am - 12 pm)
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After you submit the form:

  • You will receive an email with a diagnostic test
  • You will have access to US Test Prep for 3 months
  • Once you complete the diagnostic test we will place you in your classroom based on your strengths
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Edu Prime Better Score Guarantee

For test prep and some graduate school admissions. For those who have already taken an exam and received and official score, Edu Prime tutoring guarantees you half the money back in tutoring hours.