Trigonometry Strategies?

SOHCAHTOA can sound like music to the ears of those who mastered concepts in geometry, it could sound like sound from a broken record to some who might not have mastered geometric concepts. Reverse trigonometric expressions compounded with the required algebra skills might be a herculean task for many. We at EDU Prime will first work to identify what we might be missing, through diagnostics, do a quick review to make sure the student has mastered that which he might have missed, then scaffold it into the current topics that you are learning. Our tutors will adjust their teaching styles to complement your learning styles. Whether it’s a specific topic or a the entire trigonometric class our tutors can help you create an understanding for your next classes or test.

Edu Prime Better Score Guarantee

For test prep and some graduate school admissions. For those who have already taken an exam and received and official score, Edu Prime tutoring guarantees you half the money back in tutoring hours.